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Alecia Brake
7 dagen geleden

Attention Webmasters and Linkbuilders,

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David Barrett
een maand geleden


How are you? Hope you fine on this sunny day.

My name is David and I work for VideosSoftwareClub.

I’m mailing you because I found your site:, and was wondering if you are interested in adding a social media video for your marketing campaign? If you are not the person to contact I would be very grateful if you could pass this message to them.

Aside from social media video. Here are some of the video styles I create:

Logo Animation Video

Cinematic Video

Product Showcase Video

If you are interested please let me know, and if none of them speak to your imagination I do many other styles as well, so please do reach out to me personally.

If you want to learn more about our service, simply click and click on video sample tab to see our interesting and engaging videos.

Social media video is basically any video content that you create and share through social networks. Those videos can be regular posts, ads, Stories, cover videos, profile videos, or even comments on social posts. The idea is to encourage your audience to engage with your business and remember it.


David Barrett

Content Creator



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Have a great day!

Miriam Pulido
2 maanden geleden


As i was browsing your website and it's search engine rankings i couldn't stop writing you this message.

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Best regards

Adam Langly
2 maanden geleden

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Adam Langly

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Nestor Arkwookerum
2 maanden geleden


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